Dutch Harbor

Strategically located 50 miles near the Great Circle route to the Orient on the Bering Sea coast of Unalaska Island, 800 air miles southwest of Anchorage and 1,140 miles from Seattle. Although within the Unalaska City limits, Amaknak Island is commonly referred to as "Dutch Harbor". Amaknak and Unalaska Islands are connected by a bridge. 53 54'N 166 32'W. The economic base of Unalaska/Dutch Harbor is the commercial fishing industry. About half the people in the community are directly involved and over 90% of the jobs depend on commercial fishing in some way. The Port of Dutch Harbor is considered to be the busiest commercial fishing port in the United States, servicing over 600 vessels including: trawlers, long-liners, crab boats, cargo ships, floating factory processors, and even the occasional cruise ship.

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Map of Dutch Harbor
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