Yakutat is a tiny community, located at the base of the long, north/south border between Alaska and Canada. Because of the towering St. Elias Mountains and glaciers, Yakutat is extremely isolated. Even today, technology can't penetrate this massive barrier, where no roads exist to cut scars across the land, or bring the floods of tourists and industry. The internationally protected land that surrounds Yakutat for hundreds of miles ensures that this little paradise will remain wild and beautiful for centuries to come.

Hiking in the Yakutat Foreland is truly an amazing experience. There are no trails in this roadless wilderness. No traffic, no crowds, no pollution. You will step foot where no human has ever walked. Well... OK, there are some trails, but those aren't man made. The flora and fauna is amazingly diverse. Through meadows and muskeg, along meandering streams and dense forests, you will encounter delicate wildflowers and dangerous wildlife; along with unspoiled nature, beauty in it's truest form.

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Map of Yakutat
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