Bettles Field

Bettles was named after Gordon Bettles, who opened a trading post in Bettles in 1899 in the middle of the gold rush. The city is also known as Bettles Field. A post office was established in Bettles in 1950, and a school was built a few years later. The people of Bettles didn't have a medical clinic until 1980. Bettles has only been an officially incorporated city for 15 years.

The local economy revolves around the tourism industry, government, and air transportation. Almost 90% of the household heads in Bettles are employed full time, which is unusual for such a small rural community. Bettles experiences great temperature extremes: winter temperatures are 30 to 50 below zero, and summer temperatures can get as high as 85.

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Map of Bettles Field
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