Tok is the transportation, business, service and government center for the Upper Tanana region. Employment and business revenues peak in the summer months, with the rush of RV travelers on the Alaska Highway. Sled dog breeding and the sale of pelts add to the local economy. Four residents hold commercial fishing permits. Subsistence and recreational activities are prevalent. Moose, bear, rabbit, grouse, and ptarmigan are taken. Dahl sheep and caribou are hunted outside of the region, but only through lottery permits. Salmon are obtained from the Copper River to the south. Berry-picking and gardening are also popular activities.

Tok is located at the junction of the Alaska Highway and the Tok Cutoff to the Glenn Highway, 200 miles southeast of Fairbanks. It is called the "Gateway to Alaska," as it is the first major community upon entering Alaska, 93 miles from the Canadian border. It lies at approximately 63d 20m N Latitude, 142d 59m W Longitude. The area encompasses 133 sq. miles of land.

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Map of Tok
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